Maggie Molter


Upper School Math and Science Instructor


Math and Science

Courses Taught

AP Calculus BC, Physics


Girls Basketball

Date Began



Andreas House Head Dorm Parent

Family and Pets

I have two younger brothers, one in grad school studying astrophysics at UC-Berkeley and one finishing up his undergrad in computer science at Northwestern University. My parents still live in my hometown, Cedarburg, WI. 

Favorite Place on Campus

The Hirst Library,

Favorite thing to do in Faribault

Get coffee at Bluebird Cakery! Or take a bike ride along the Straight River Trail.

Favorite Book

The Waves by Virginia Woolf

Why I love to teach

Well I suppose it sounds cliché, but I really feel I’m getting paid to learn, not teach.  Every interaction with a student or a colleague gives me new perspective – on a math problem, on some culture different from mine, on some life experience I haven’t had.  Reflecting on these moments helps me make sense of my place in many different communities, and hopefully I can bring a few of those moments to those around me as well!


Listening to and playing music, backpacking, and cooking with friends.

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