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SabreSpeak: In Our Own Words

  • January 16
    “I am astounded when I think of the impact taking a risk can make. I’m not afraid to take a risk and jump. Not jump off a cliff while bungee jumping, but to jump at an opportunity.”
  • January 12
    “Instead of finding my home in a specific place like most others do, I have learned to always find the feeling of home within the time I get to spend with my parents and brothers.”
  • January 9
    “I am who I am because of what I’ve been through, however, each of our stories have their own unique twists.”
  • January 6
    Students and other members of the SSM community share their New Year’s resolutions.
  • January 4
    Shattuck-St. Mary’s Upper School Director Matt Cavellier details the structure and benefits of SSM’s The Major Center of Excellence in the Winter 2017 edition of Independent School magazine.