Being All In means we give you our best - from facilities and technology to the finest teachers, mentors, and coaches.

Academic Curriculum: 

Shattuck-St. Mary’s delivers a rigorous academic curriculum that blends the best of traditional education with innovative, creative learning opportunities. 

Our ScholarShift Program prepares students to find success in college and beyond through a series of educational experiences comprised of blended classes, a parallel curriculum of learning modules, and a year-long, self-designed educational experience. 

Our Center for Academic Achievement opened in 2004 to ensure that students with learning differences experience academic success. Specific support areas include mathematics, written expression and reading comprehension, study skills, and organizational support.

Academic Centers of Excellence:

If you are interested in medicine, biomedical engineering, or scientific research, the BioScience Center of Excellence is amazing. It is a multi-year, experiential, academic program. Think Shattuck-St. Mary’s meets Minnesota’s Medical Alley!

If you are eager to explore an engineering specialization, the Engineering Center of Excellence offers classroom and hands-on experience in a wide range of engineering applications.

If you would rather pursue your own personal areas of passion, The Major Center of Excellence allows students to develop and undertake a series of dynamic experiences designed around their personal interests.

Explore Academic Departments:

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Academic Departments: