Engineering Center of Excellence

Problem Solving. Designing. Building. 

SSM Engineering Center of Excellence

Engineering is a broad discipline with many diverse specializations. The Engineering Center of Excellence at Shattuck-St. Mary’s is a fully engaging experience that introduces students to the world of engineering. It provides real, hands-on design and fabrication opportunities, while also preparing students for the rigors of college. 

Key Program Components:

  • Engineering students get to see what happens in the real engineering world. Off-campus company tours provide students with an engineering insight on many different levels. Students get to see the latest technology, trends, and get to talk to engineers about what they do on a daily basis along with their engineering work and educational backgrounds. Engineering conferences, seminars, and various college tours occur throughout the school year.
  • Project work is another important aspect of the Engineering Center of Excellence. Students have the opportunity to choose an area of interest; then research, design, and assemble a project. Along the way students will learn how to revise and optimize designs through simulation, create working documents for their project to be built, and experience making the parts and assembling the project themselves. This focus on hands-on work provides an important tool for any inspiring engineer – the knowledge to know how things work and the ability to make changes when needed.
  • Advanced level academics prepare our students for the rigors of college. College textbooks are used to introduce higher level engineering topics such as digital and sequential circuits, materials science, statics and dynamics, and various levels of programming. This academic background will provide the foundation for a successful transition to college and entrance into highly competitive college engineering programs.


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