The Major Center of Excellence

Pursuing a Personal Passion:


The Major Center of Excellence allows students to develop and undertake a series of dynamic experiences designed around their personal interests. Our innovative academic approach built on our Blended Learning model opens up the traditional high school schedule to allow students the flexibility to explore and develop new areas of passion and interest as they also meet the rigors of our core college preparatory program.

What the Students of The Major Have Been Working On:


Ali Smoody ’23 explores the shortcomings of the human memory and how it impacts our society and justice system, while Steven Song ’20 takes an in-depth look at how salt affects our lives and bodies. View more video essays from the students of The Major here.






Our Approach:

The Major allows students to focus on an area of interest and structure their learning in a way that engages their critical inquiry skills and develops their passion for self-guided discovery. Each student is a member of a cohort of fellow students whom they support and challenge under the guidance of a dedicated faculty member who provides structure, guidance, and mentorship throughout the whole program.

Our Facilities:

On campus, students have access to a wide range of facilities including Fayfield Hall, our state-of-the-art STEM Center, and the weCreate Center, which houses nine studios to provide students access to software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and FinalCut Pro. Students in The Major will travel beyond the Arch to complete their Center of Excellence experience as well, immersing themselves in locales as varied as their interests.

Students’ Experiences:

“The Major allows me to apply real-world applications to my areas of passion.”– Amanda DeShane ’18, Color Theory/Design 

“The Major gives me time to focus on my interests outside of our School curriculum.”– Payton Sender ’18, Marine Biology/Altruism in Nature

“I get to experience different subjects because each student in The Major has their own program.”– Zoe Chen ’19, Film Studies 

“The Major is made for people who have a passion for learning.”– Ingrid Engelhardt ’18, Spanish Language, Culture, and Cinema

“You can create the classes that you want to take.”– Alexandra Gilbertson ’18, Gender Studies in Education

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