Spiritual Life

Shattuck-St. Mary’s was founded as an Episcopal school and continues to honor its heritage to this day.  

Upper School Chapel is every Wednesday morning.


Our mission is clear on the importance of helping our students grow spiritually. As an Episcopal boarding and day school, there are several aspects of spiritual development that are part of every student’s experience at Shattuck-St. Mary’s: 

  • Weekly chapel service that brings students and faculty together to worship and reflect as a community
  • Community Service – on and off campus with 20 hours as a minimum annual requirement
  • Graduation requirement to take either or both Introduction to the Bible or World Religions courses
  • Grace offered as a community before the midday meal

Spiritual History

Our religious affiliation reaches back to the founding of the School by a missionary priest, the Rev. James Lloyd Breck, in 1858. Consistent with the Episcopal ethos, the School has a fundamental commitment to be an inclusive community grounded in respect for each of its members.

The religious pluralism of this community gives the School the opportunity and responsibility to foster the religious and spiritual formation of students from a variety of religious backgrounds.