Heather Morehead


Middle School Director



Courses Taught

Chemistry and 6/7 Science

Date Began



Rectory Head Dorm Parent

Family and Pets

I am married to wonderful Mr. Mo.  He’s a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy and UCONN Law.  He enjoys sports, movies, music and food and has a great sense of humor.  Together we have our cat Toby (Mr. Toby Toberson to be exact).  He’s very playful but spends most of his days keeping watch in one of our many windows.  We will also be visited by my awesome step son Maxwell, who is looking forward to joining us full time at S-SM in the next few years.

Favorite Place on Campus

I love the last stretch of road before going under The Arch.  I take in the beautiful scene of S-SM and have to pinch myself every time, because I’m actually here!!!

Favorite Book

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by Dr. Susan Jeffers

Why I love to teach

I love students, and always feel honored to witness their growth in the classroom.


I love sports, music, movies, cooking/baking, and SLEEPING!  I’m a foodie, novice cycler, and love to hit the gym too!