Hayley Rosenfield


English Instructor



Courses Taught

World Literature, Creative Writing

Date Began



St Mary’s on Wednesday nights

Family and Pets

My parents, three of my siblings, and most of my extended family members live in the Twin Cities; one of my sisters lives in Salt Lake City. We love getting everyone together for family dinners and taking trips to South Dakota and Arizona to visit our grandparents.

Favorite Place on Campus

The weCreate Center. The energy is great, and I admire that Shattuck gives students a place to go nuts with their imaginations.

Favorite thing to do in Faribault

Drink a coffee at Alexander Park.

Favorite Book

It’s impossible to pick. The book I go back to the most is Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.

Why I love to teach

I get to talk about great works of literature with smart, funny kids all day.


Writing satire and short stories, backpacking, drawing and painting.

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