• December 10

    Naso, Uyi. Well done.

    Uyi Omorogbe ’15 returned to Shattuck-St. Mary’s and the weCreate space that inspired him.
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Maddie Hickey ’19

    We cannot let what we go through define who we are, but instead let it shape us into who we are becoming.
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Ben Bian ’19

    My personality and hobbies may sometimes conflict, but ultimately they combine to create my life. Without these counterpoints I am not myself. 
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Trevor Prince ’19

    Now in my senior year, I look back on my four years at Shattuck for this speech and I came to the realization that even if I came here for soccer, the things I learned along the way are way more important than playing at the next level. 
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Ella Beuning ’19

    This past year, I was lucky enough to go on a medical mission trip to Haiti with my family. During this trip, we worked with IMR, International Medical Relief, to help bring relief and medical treatment to the people of Haiti.
  • December 5

    Harrison Oh ’19 Wins Music Competition

    Harrison Oh ’19 is a cellist in SSM’s Pre-Conservatory Center of Excellence.
  • November 20

    Observing Veterans Day

    Remembering 1912 Shattuck School graduate Walter H. Schulze and his role as the “Peace Messenger” at the end of WW I.

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