• January 15

    Senior Speeches: Dana Grieme

    “Whenever I just want to go to bed rather than finish that one assignment keeping me up, I think about the sacrifices my mom had to make to give me this adventure. I think of the strength and work ethic she has exemplified throughout my life and it drives me to push through my challenges.”
  • January 12

    Senior Speeches: Kelly Zhou

    “I learned successful communication is not about drawing a definite conclusion but, more importantly, about listening. Stay open-minded, listen to different voices, and think independently. In other words, learn before you judge.”
  • January 11

    ScholarShift Stories: Knitting at Northfield Yarn

    Students learn knitting techniques and select the materials needed to craft scarves during a trip to Northfield Yarn.
  • January 11

    ScholarShift Stories: Physics Force

    Students attend engaging show at the University of Minnesota.
  • January 11

    Senior Speeches: King Liu

    “Change can be difficult. I believe all of you have encountered similar situations at SSM. The important thing is how you adjust to change.”
  • January 6

    Senior Speeches: Stacey Yang

    “I feel more peaceful. I accept the fact that I cannot always be in the top group. I have learned to compromise.”
  • January 5

    Senior Speeches: Lindsey Trotter

    “Don’t forget your past. Remember where you came from, who got you to where you are, and those you met and lost along the way. They are important and have seen you in places lower than you are now. Don’t forget your past, but don’t live in it either.”

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