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  • July 30

    SSM Soccer Earns Multiple U.S. Soccer Development Academy Awards

    Shattuck-St. Mary’s Soccer Center of Excellence (COE) athletes Antino Lopez ’20 and Nadia Cooper ’21, along with administrator Marc Sutton, were recognized for their outstanding work both on and off the field this season by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy at their annual year-end award ceremony on June 22.
  • July 1

    Fix-It Camp Added to STEM @ SSM Program

    Students ages 10-16 looking for an opportunity to improve their skills in technology are invited register for the new Fix-it Camp being offered at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School this summer on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • May 22

    Knee Replacement Surgery Practicum

    Learning from an orthopedic surgeon, who also happens to be an SSM parent, the BioScience students could watch a knee replacement demonstration in the BioScience research laboratory.
  • May 9

    Senior Speeches: James Zhao ’19

    In time, my fake smile became more and more real. I practiced it nonchalantly every day. I felt my worries slowly fading away, and I gradually developed a more optimistic attitude. 
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Maddy Moree ’19

    I am grateful to have lived this year fully without taking anything for granted, and I am beyond thankful for the people that have helped me to be where I am today.
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Kadaria Livingston ’19

    I’m not perfect, but I’m here. I’m not complete, and I may not meet everyone’s expectations, but I’m proud of myself and working towards what I really want and need. I am present, on my own terms.
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Gabrielle Garner ’19

    Instead of focusing on what someone else has accomplished, focus on the personal strengths of your own.
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Hadley Hartmetz ’19

    I realize that mistakes are a part of life and that I cannot always avoid them. You can strive to limit your chances of making a mistake through hard work and preparation, but they are going to happen. 
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Kenzie Hauswirth ’19

    For me, the only thing I fear is being ordinary. 
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Matt Cooper

    One of the biggest lessons that I learned through these experiences is how important it is to try my hardest in everything I do and to never take time for granted. I have learned that when these two things are put together, it becomes much easier to be productive and get things done.
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Jordan Wells ’19

    We eventually discovered that my grandmother was suffering from a disease called Alzheimer’s, a progressive brain disease that causes problems with memory and behavior. While this explained my grandmother’s actions, it did not provide closure.
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Jakob Popkin ’19

    After listening to my classmates’ speeches this year, I know there are people in this world who have less than I do and who have faced greater challenges. 
  • May 8

    Senior Speeches: Raven Dziedzinski ’19

    But ten years later I’m glad that I have Reece and Reed because I have had so many funny experiences with them and learned so much from them. I have also learned so much from watching my parents raise two boys along with me.
  • April 22

    Senior Speeches: Cullen Vinar ’19

    Although I have made many relationships here at Shattuck the last four years, there are two people I want to single out: my two younger twin brothers, Luke and Blake.
  • March 26

    Senior Speeches: Nathan Kraynyk ’19

    I am happy to say I come from Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and now Faribault, Minnesota. Each place gave me a chance to learn something new.
  • March 26

    Senior Speeches: Ana Recarte-Pacheco ’19

    Be aware of the life that surrounds you.
  • March 14

    A Year of Notable Achievements for Pre-Conservatory Musicians

    SSM student-musicians have had an amazing year! They celebrated with a spring recital in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and recognized their graduating seniors.
  • February 28

    Senior Speeches: Brendan Brisson ’19

    The first time I drove under the Arch, I had goosebumps and all of my nervousness just went away. 
  • February 28

    Senior Speeches: Alexander Kozic ’19

    So, for the sake of your mental health, do not squander your energy on matters you cannot control.
  • February 27

    Senior Speeches: Sean Knoblauch ’19

    There is beauty in life’s struggle, so keep fighting and don’t let anything or anyone limit you. 
  • February 27

    Senior Speeches: Mahelet Getachew, Class of 2019

     If you feel you’re here to ride your life instead of drive it, then you’ll have to accept where the flow takes you.
  • February 27

    BioScience Bloggers: Lily Chen ’20

    ”there is always something new to learn and that is an essential part of learning science.”
  • February 27

    BioScience Bloggers: Shenae’ Reid ’20

    ”The BioScience Program really does give you the ultimate experience of the medical world”
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Saeed Alremeithi, Postgraduate

     I still remember the day that I left my home to go to the military camp. While I was holding my bags and heading towards the bus, my father looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Finally you will become a man.”
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Joey Zhou ’19

    I really cherish and enjoy the little time I spend with him. We talk about everything: games, music, movies, my studies, and his work. 
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Neema Kania ’19

    I stand here on this stage telling the story of my life but what I want everyone to know is that, a home is not always represented by the four walls that surround you at night, but the people around you who make you laugh, cry, dance… 
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Claudia Kim ’19

    During my childhood, every day was “bring your kid to work day.” I loved it. 
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Taylor Stewart ’19

    This holiday (Valentine’s Day) is not only meant to be only shared with a significant other or spouse, but rather we should celebrate and be grateful for all of the people that mean the most to us. 
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Marley Muelhaupt ’19

    As I look back at the life I have lived and all the dreams and possibilities out there, I don’t think I can choose quite yet, not now and maybe even ever.
  • February 26

    Senior Speeches: Sydney Haustein ’19

    Our choices shape our lives, so I hope your choices lead you to the unknown, fill your life with surprises, and bring you happiness.