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  • October 10

    Senior Speeches: Payton Sender

    “The most important aspect of life is whether or not you’re enjoying it. Your happiness and doing what you love is crucial.”
  • October 9

    Senior Speeches: Evan Callaghan

    “I am beginning to see that there are lots of different ways to measure success in life. Now, I know that being successful also includes being able to spend quality time with the most important people in my life, being able to enjoy every day to the fullest, and finally, having the courage to fully pursue my passions.”
  • October 5

    ScholarShift Stories: Visiting Cuningham Group

    Students tour facility and visit with the prinicpal Cuningham Group, a Minneapolis-based architecture and design firm.
  • October 5

    Meet the Moyers!

    “Living on campus has given us the opportunity to not only form close relationships with students, but has allowed us to foster friendships with some of the greatest people we have ever known.” - Andrea Moyer
  • October 4

    ScholarShift Stories: A Day in the Minnesota House of Representatives

    Participating students shadow Rep. Cindy Pugh, experience a day in the life of a Minnesota House of Representatives member.
  • October 4

    Senior Speeches: Joshua Kim

    “I can only hope that, when everything in your life seems to be falling apart and you lose all motivation, you will think of a time when you were offered a second chance, and you will show your appreciation for it by giving back to those who need second chances of their own.”
  • October 3

    How Smart is a Smartphone?

    Nick Stoneman considers how teenagers navigate their worlds in an age of ubiquitous smartphones.
  • October 3

    Senior Speeches: Andy Stoneman

    “If you don’t set your own standards and create your own goals, what will you do when there is no one else to do that for you?”   
  • October 2

    Senior Speeches: Max Levy

    “These past three years at Shattuck have taught me the value of family.”
  • September 27

    ScholarShift Stories: Constructing a Sugar Shack

    Students construct a storage shed for maple syrup tapping equipment during a recent ScholarShift module.
  • September 27

    ScholarShift Stories: Twin Cities Theatre Tour

    Students enjoy a walking tour of the Pantages Theatre during a ScholarShift module.
  • September 27

    Senior Speeches: Kaylee O’Connor

    “I learned to believe in myself, to live more independently, and most importantly, that sometimes change is good.”
  • September 25

    A Meeting with the Finnish President

    SSM students meet with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö during special luncheon event in Minneapolis.
  • September 22

    Building Bridges Event Brings Students Together

    SSM students compete in a variety of morning activities while getting to know their classmates.
  • September 22

    Senior Speeches: Laura Aldana

    “Mistakes are a part of life. I am not afraid of making mistakes because I know that I will learn from them and with the help of others overcome my obstacles.” 
  • September 20

    Senior Speeches: Katie Miller

    “My dog has taught me to greet people warmly, do what makes me happy, remember to rest, be curious, and lift others up. Thanks to her, I’m learning to see this busy, complicated world more through the warm eyes of my dog.”
  • September 20

    ScholarShift Stories: Kayaking the Cannon River

    Students spend their Friday morning experiencing wildlife along the Cannon River.
  • September 18

    Senior Speeches: Ty Cooper

    “Leaving here in nine months is a scary thought, but it’s also time to move on and start a new chapter in my life. Shattuck-St. Mary’s has been my home away from home for the past three years, and I will never really leave it behind.”
  • September 15

    Learning From an Expert

    Retired orthopedic surgeon visits with BioScience Center of Excellence students.
  • September 15

    Senior Speeches: Anna Promersberger

    “Life doesn’t care about plans. Whether we like it or not, the unexpected happens and I need to adjust my mindset to accept that and make the most of what it gives me. Of course, we all prefer the happy surprises in life, but often it’s the unexpected challenges that teach you the most.”
  • September 15

    Senior Speeches: Logan Sullivan

    “The lessons my grandfather taught me will stick with me forever. I couldn’t be more proud to call him my grandpa. Hunter, I know that you have some unfinished business in Kona, so I am going to do everything in my power to finish that race for you at some point in my life. After all, your rookie year was when you were 56, so I have time.”
  • September 14

    BioScience Students Tackle Bioethics with Leading Scientist

    Program students Skype with Dr. Jerome Singh on the ethical issues of genetic manipulation ahead of his keynote speech at the University of Minnesota.
  • September 12

    Senior Speeches: Alexandra Skinner

    “If you or anyone you know is struggling with anxiety or any other mental illness, I encourage you to talk about it, do something about it. There is no quick and easy fix, but life can get better. It all begins when you have the courage to ask for help.”
  • September 11

    If Rafters Could Teach

    A master carpenter and a “master” rafter teach Nick Stoneman valuable lessons.
  • September 8

    Senior Speeches: Christian Brune

    “I will always remember the lessons I learned and the friends I made there. Remember, it’s a family here at Shattuck. Even if you didn’t come here in the Middle School, know that this is a special community. We all bring something special to this family, and don’t ever underestimate the importance of a small gesture or a word of encouragement to someone.”
  • September 6

    Shattuck-St. Mary’s Welcomes Former American Boychoir School Members

    A Boys Choir Center of Excellence has been formed.

  • September 5

    BioScience Students Bond at Camp Omega

    BioScience Center of Excellence program members gather and connect at student camp retreat.
  • September 5

    Senior Speeches: Nancy Jia

    “All the tears and all the laughter of my time here are deeply rooted in my memory. I appreciate everyone who has come into in my life; teachers, mentors, friends, and even the people who don’t like me so much. You have all helped me to take a chance on being myself.”
  • September 4

    Senior Speeches: Jack Hickey

    “If I could leave you all with one message, it would be this: appreciate people’s differences and explore other cultures. Don’t judge someone just because they are different than you. If you are open-minded enough to learn about others, you will better understand the world and your place in it.”
  • September 1

    Senior Speeches: Amanda Cooper

    “So, if like me, your career dreams are not typical, you have a choice to make. You can do what others expect, get your degree in something that guarantees work, have a job right out of college, work your shifts and only dream of what could have been. Or, you can do something else.”