Ropes Courses

SSM has both high and low Challenge Courses. 

Programs are available for:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Executive Teams
  • Team Building Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • Youth and School-Age Groups

Program topics may include:

  • Planning within a group context
  • Understanding differences between individual and team approaches
  • Selecting of leaders
  • Identifying of roles
  • Supporting each other
  • Demonstrating the need for a common vision
  • Setting goals and benchmarks
  • Learning from one’s mistakes
  • Interdependency
  • Trusting others
  • Risk taking
  • Challenging self-limits
  • Letting go of control
  • Facing challenges and fears together

Programs of varying length are available to meet the objectives and requests of your group. Facilitators cater specific challenges and activities to address your organization’s needs. For more information about ropes courses programs, please contact Laura Stelter at [email protected].